Saudi “deradicalization” centers a scam that are being used to recruit and train jihadists

The Muslim Issue

Saudi Arabia is using one of its ‘terrorist rehab’ centres to recruit and train jihadists, according to testimony from a prisoner at Guantanamo. A former Al-Qaeda member of Saudi origin, he made the claim to the prison’s parole board when explaining his refusal to enroll in Riyadh’s de-radicalization programme.



Gitmo prisoner reveals that Saudi ‘terrorist rehab’ center is a scam

By Paul Sperry
NY Post, November 28, 2016



Counterterrorism experts have long suspected Saudi Arabia’s “rehabilitation” center for terrorists does a poor job of de-radicalizing jihadists. But a Saudi detainee at Guantanamo Bay now reveals it’s actually a recruiting and training factory for jihad.

According to recently declassified documents, senior al Qaeda operative Ghassan Abdullah al-Sharbi told a Gitmo parole board that the Saudi government has been encouraging previously released prisoners to rejoin the jihad at its terrorist reform school, officially known as the Prince Mohammed bin…

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