The forgotten European slaves of (black) Islamic Barbary North Africa and Islamic Ottoman Turkey

The Muslim Issue

People should be grateful to professor Robert Davis for bringing up the subject and to help his students to understand the facts from history versus the liberal re-writing of history.

However, the number of Europeans captured into slaves by black African Barbary pirates and the Ottomans under the umbrella of Islam, was far beyond “2.5 million”. It may, in fact, have been closer to the same volume estimated in the African slave trade of its own people (140 million). For example, Dr Andrew Bostom (the author of three books; The Legacy of Jihad, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, Sharia Versus Freedom) brought to our attention that historic references reveal that in Poland over 3 million (!) people got captured during Muslim African and Ottoman slave raids. If a small country like Poland lost 3 million people, and considering it is positioned far north of the main central points of…

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