Israel: Clerics in joy as Muslim arson tear across the country, causing 60,000 to evacuate

May G-d forgive me and I am certain He will, let every MOSLEM relishing in the death and demise of Israel rot in hell for eternity. MOSLEMS are freaks inhumane and savages and I no longer believe there is a decent MOSLEM out there one can either befriend or tolerate. Except maybe Fahreme in our little community who bends over backwards to help me with my computer programs and his brother Norman ( believe me his name is Norman) the boys have put up Christmas decorations in their shop.These guys are kind Muslim’s like the sweet man murdered in Glasgow earlier this year. They know any bad behavior goes to the Cop shop across the street. They moved out of the East End a well known NO GO area of London. Couldn’t stand it. One last thing we don’t have MOSLEM scum hanging around street corners harassing Irish Mother’s beautiful daughters. This stopped when I reported it over six months ago. Even the Imam of the tiny mosque in the depths of nowhere knows his place, and they DO NOT call to prayer over loud speakers.

The Muslim Issue

Muslims are perpetual arsonists. Israel has “arson season” for that very reason each year. Just ask the French or the Swedes, who suffer weekly arson attacks on schools, cars, welfare buildings and even hospitals since they filled their countries with Muslims.

When the flood of Merkel Muslims began arriving on the shores of Greece and Italy, they welcomed their hosts with a string of arson attacks. In Greece fire brigade investigators complained that cases of arson has dramatically increased in the past two years, with 2016 being the worse on record. They looked into 5,533 cases, of which 1,468 concerned wildfires and 4,065 burnt farming land. Based on their findings, the leading cause of 47.94 percent of the fires was intentional arson, followed by arson through negligence at 32.65 percent, undiscovered causes at 13.45 percent, chance 3.18 percent and natural causes at 2.78 percent). Greek migrant camps have also…

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