Sweden: Muslims walk free from court on gang rape charges of a disabled woman

Sweden is indeed the most stupid in Scandinavia.

The Muslim Issue

The filthy socialists in Sweden apparently don’t process detailed medical tests of their Muslim rape victims. Nor do police reports have much strength in courts. So why do they have a police force at all? Just let the Muslims run free and rob and rape as they please.

Several witnesses see a wheelchair bound woman dragged into the bushes by a group of Muslim men who forcefully hold her arms and legs. Their identity is protected and concealed by the media. Held by force, she is brutally group raped one by one by her attackers. This scene is too difficult for the Swedish courts to grasp. Apparently they did not have the required four male witnesses, according to Sharia.

The people involved ‘changed their story’. No bruises? No force to the genitals are reported in any medical examination? Surely it cannot be too difficult for courts to come to their…

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