‘Ladies First’: Saudi Arabia’s Female Candidates

The Muslim Issue

What “right” to vote and to run in an election do women have in Saudi Arabia when they are denied the right to campaign and are issued death threats not only from their husbands, but from Saudi men in general? For driving women are brought onto an  “Anti-terrorism” court. Their right to vote is a sham created to fake progress to the West. And to think this barbaric country is in the UN council is comical.

This documentary exposes the sham that is Saudi Barbaria.


‘Ladies First’: Saudi Arabia’s Female Candidates

In Saudi Arabia, women still can’t drive. But they have been recently granted the right to vote and to run in an election. In this documentary, The Times’s Mona El-Naggar takes us inside the ultraconservative kingdom and into the largely inaccessible world of Saudi women.


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A Saudi girl’s school in the 1960’s, thirty years after…

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