FINALLY! Gen. Mike Flynn elected as Trump’s new national security adviser, ‘Islam is a political ideology. It’s like a cancer’

The Muslim Issue

Fear of Muslims is rational, says Mike Flynn. He is right. Even Muslims fear other Muslims. They fear each other so much that their leaders demand a U.S. military presence in the Middle East in exchange for oil contracts, to deter neighbours from attacking each other.

We never thought we would see this day. A presidential candidate with some common sense and who is not afraid to say the truth: that Islam is a vicious political ideology – a killing machine – miscategorised as a religion. The plan to establish the 1,400 year dream of a totalitarian Caliphate from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other barbaric countries looks dimmer already. There is no future for minorities, gays, apostates, non-Muslims, children and women under Islam.

The rational reasoning is driving the delusional left-wing media nuts.



Trump to meet Romney as concerns voiced over top team

The pair threw insults at…

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