Donald Trump responds to accusations of Islamophobia: ‘I. Don’t. Care’

The Muslim Issue

Only someone richer than God himself would have the guts to give a shit what other people think.


Of course he doesn’t mean “every single one”. As he clearly stated, bar any new ones entry until the government can sort out exactly what’s happening around the country. But as usual the media is endlessly illiterate and loves to distort and misquote anyone who opposes Islamofascism.

Remove them. Remove Muslims. Deport them. Tear down mosques and ban Sharia and Islam. They have overstayed our generosity and given nothing in return but hatred, violence, crimes and division. Ban residency and visas to them. Ban trade contracts with them. Isolate them. They need to resolve their own self-created fascism issues. Had they only wanted to they could have done it ages ago. But they don’t want to because Islam IS terrorism. Islam IS fascism and hatred. And that’s what they prefer.


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