UK’s active Sharia courts: Women beaten, robbed and raped according to Islamic law

The Muslim Issue

The only politician in Britain who understands how Islam and the Muslim mentality and “culture” works is Baroness Cox. The article doesn’t mention that Sharia court doles out the death penalty too. All the time. They just don’t apply it in the country. Instead, they send the victims on “family visits” to their home countries – where they are killed according to Sharia. At home people are told these women moved home to get married.



Shame on Sharia: Women beaten, robbed and raped. A chilling expose of how BRITISH females are being sentenced to lives of misery by Muslim courts

  • Sharia courts across Britain are denying Muslim women their legal rights
  • Being encouraged by the British state in the name of increased security
  • Commons Home Affairs Committee begun investigation into Islamic law
  • The courts are used by Muslim families to adjudicate on personal matters

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