Islamic State’s three largest fighter groups consist of Saudis, Tunisians – and Palestinians.

The Muslim Issue

According to Middle East Monitor Palestinians (fighters from Jordan) are the third largest group to Jihad for the Islamic State (Dash), massacering people in Syria and Iraq. The core group of the Islamic State consist of jihadis from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Jordan.

Jordan is “Palestinian”.

Another article from the Guardian claimed Jordan (“Palestinians”) to be the second largest jihad group in the Islamic State after Saudis.

When the Egyptian and Saudi jihadi’s invaded in flash mobs into the British Mandate after the British government had made it official that Israel would be returned to the Jewish people in 1917, the flashmob of uncontrolled illegal Arabs pouring in to the barren region from neighboring countries forced Israel to be split in two: Israel and Jordan. Jordan was handed to the invaders.

The jihadis began calling themselves “Palestinians” and use the land grab argument as a political tool to continue jihad…

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