Sweden: Body of suspected honor-victim teen asylum seeker found in capital

The Muslim Issue

And her family roams free in Sweden, living off hard-earned tax handoffs from the Swedish people. Like a parasitic entity. Meanwhile, the inept Swedish police and all the feminists in the country failed yet again to do anything to protect a severely abused young girl in a country that professes to stand for equality and rights. She was “married” while she also had a “boyfriend” – who both reported her lost. In other words, they were both exploiting her and had her killed.

It’s pretty disgusting that the laws basically provides no protection at all to women in extreme danger. Although police knew she was under threats they did nothing whatsoever to take her into safety. The Swedes seem to be closet misogynists. They don’t care at all about the women or children, whether it’s their own or any other vulnerables.

Translated from Swedish by Google:



16-year-old girl…

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