Russia comes to rescue once more and is building secure refugee camps in Syria

The Muslim Issue

See: Syria’s President Assad is more than willing to find a solution. He wants to assist his own people, and to try and manage Syria’s massive exodus problem so Syrians don’t leave their own homeland and keep over-burdening Europe. Not exactly the normal quality and tactics of a supposed “evil dictatorial terrorist” leader that Western media has painted him to be, – a propaganda image built by Sunni oil influence (Saudis).

We’ve said it over and over again: Assad is one of the few “good guys” in the region, dragged into a civil war against enormous Sunni terrorism infiltration, fed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and later supported by other countries like Turkey, Kuwait, etc.

What Assad and Putin basically want to do is to try and put civilians in safe-zones, so they can smoke out the Sunni bastards once and for all without hitting the natives.

There’s another role…

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