India: Muslim occupation and persecution leads to Hindu exodus from West UP in the North

The Muslim Issue

And there you go. The Islamic takeover of yet another part of India is coming to completion.

First they migrate in floods. They live amongst the natives for a while with small hick-ups. They multiply rapidly. The problems increases as the muslims continue to make more demands of assumed entitlements and rights that must be observed above national rights. Eventually, they begin to spread more mosques into wider areas. The areas become Islamized. Soon, intimidation and a total intolerance of the natives become more common leading to disputes and clashes. The Muslims begin to claim the land as “theirs” and profess that it has been “occupied” by the natives, who they profess have no rights to live there. The natives begin to feel intimidated and unsafe and start to move out. For each area the natives relocate from, Muslims immediately fill the gaps so they can’t return to live there…

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