Lebanon: Salafi fugitive caught donning 70s disguise

The Muslim Issue

Lebanon, a former and only Christian country into the Middle East was the ‘Paris of the Middle East’, but is now a place infested with Islam. It has never fully recovered to its former glory. ‘Palestinian’ terrorists forced their way into the country, trying to take over and to slaughter all Christians.

Brigitte Gabriel has often given speeches about this attack and the Palestinian slaughtering. Palestinians would tie small babies to their parents and tear the bodies of the babies in half, while strapped to their parents. Palestinians would also force Christian mothers to slit the throats of their own sons, and then rape their daughters right in front of their eyes. They would defecate in churches and torch them to the ground, sourcing for Christians to kill.

It’s UNFATHOMABLE that the West sends financial aid and scream and demand these Palestinian terrorists to have “rights”! That’s what they are…

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