German mayor begs for help as rampaging Merkel Muslims take control of ski town

Islam and multiculturalism has gone too far.

The Muslim Issue

It took only 250 Muslim savages to ruin the entire town. Imagine what the 5 millions taken in already will do? Time to pick them up and deport them permanently. Shoot if they try to re-enter.



Street fighting, vandalism and sexual assault: Mayor of picturesque German ski town begs for help to tackle an ‘explosive refugee crime wave’

  • Police chief says refugees are now ‘in charge’ in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • Described fights and how Africans have taken over in Abrams complex
  • Led mayor Dr Sigrid Meierhofer to beg Bavaria to intervene in the town
  • She says ‘public order and security’ are in jeopardy without prompt action 

The German mayor has begged for intervention over the ‘explosive situation’ caused by a refugee crimewave in the picturesque ski town.

Police say refugees brawl in the streets and vandalise public…

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