France: EU’s imported Muslim migrants turn Parisian streets into filthy cesspools

The Muslim Issue

Europe’s foremost tourist destination has been completely ruined by the socialist Eurocrats in Brussels. Imagine the enormous losses in revenues…

For the past two years Parisian hotels have halved their occupancy. And tourists are not returning either. All thanks to Muslims. Before the biggest Islamic tidal wave in 2014 visitors to Paris spent 17 billion dollars (13.58 billion Euros), the third highest sum globally after London and New York. Not anymore. According to the UK’s Telegraph the Muslim terror attack on Paris cost them an estimated £660 million ($804 million). Analysts told Reuters that the effect on Europe’s €500billion (£330bn) tourism industry could be anything between €800million and €1billion in losses. Hotel revenues in Paris are down to 40 per cent from 2014’s levels, while restaurant income fell a similar margin. Flight bookings to Paris fell by 27 per cent in the week following the attacks, costing Air…

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