UK: Muslim gets caught soliciting sex from 12-year old ‘I’m a Muslim, I never lie’

The Muslim Issue

He’s a comedian!



‘I’m a Muslim, I never lie’: Moment married man, 30, who thought he was about to meet a 12-year-old girl for sex was snared by vigilante parents’ group calling themselves the Internet Interceptors 

  • Butcher Mohammed Hussein, 30, had arranged to meet ‘Gemma’ at a hotel
  • He had asked whether she was a virgin and if he could sleep with her
  • He arrived at their meeting with Viagra pills, five condoms and lubricant
  • He was instead met by two men from a ‘paedophile hunting’ group 
  • Was found guilty of attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming 

By Thomas Burrows for MailOnline
Published: 11:05, 13 October 2016

Caught: Married butcher Mohammed Hussein was met by members of a paedophile hunting group instead of 'Gemma', 12

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