No discrimination: Muslim pretends to be homeless in kafir UK – gets constant help

The Muslim Issue

Muslim whine and moan that they are “discriminated” against. They file constant fake reports of racism and attacks to pad the crime figures. Here it shows it’s the complete opposite. Constant help and handouts. And in return, they hate and terrorise.

What he really wanted to show is how Muslims are treated “bad” in the UK, and to post that propaganda on youtube. Had he been a non-Muslim he would be sitting there for a long time.



Muslim video blogger wearing religious dress gets a ‘breathtaking’ response when he pretends to be homeless in London 

  • YouTuber Hstar Vlogs filmed people reacting to him as a homeless man
  • The experiment revealed the extraordinary kindness of some Londoners  
  • While wearing religious dress he sat behind a sign reading: ‘I am homeless’
  • He received a positive response with people offering food and assistance
  • He was forced to break character when one kind woman offered him £50  

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