A letter about Stoning to Death

This article is from 2013 please note the three other articles below and learn something about the world we live in 2016.

The Muslim Issue

from Azadeh Pourzand


A few weeks ago my mother, Mehrangiz Kar, wrote an article about stoning to death in Iran. She received many different feedbacks for her article that was published in Farsi. Among those responses we found an astonishing letter from an anonymous person whose mother was stoned to death twenty six years ago. Since the strength of the words of this letter paralyzed my body and mind for a few minutes, I decided to quickly translate the text.
According to Article 83 of the Islamic Penal Code of Iran, stoning to death has been declared a permissible punishment for a few different types of adultery.

A Muslim Woman Too Poor And Desperate Has To Prostitute Herself To Feed Her Own Children – Gets Stoned.
Now how come they didn’t stone all the men who made a prostitute out of her to exploit her desperation? How come…

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