UK market sells nightgowns glorifying 9/11

The Muslim Issue

Seller Jaspir Bhatti had ‘no idea’ what was printed on the Muslim night dress. Of course he knew. What business owner doesn’t know what products he is selling? His stall is located in East London, nearby to notorious Sharia zone. The police should look closer into his activities and what clients he has. These are house dresses or nightgowns commonly worn and made in Pakistan and India.



Jihadi chic: Shocking dress showing planes flying into the Twin Towers on 9/11 is found for sale at a London market by horrified shoppers 

  • £5 dress features colourful sketch of 9/11 attacks on World Trade Center
  • Visitors to Chrisp Street Market in Poplar, East London, found it on sale
  • Stall holder Jaspir Bhatti insists he didn’t realise what was on the T-shirt

Horrified shoppers have discovered this sickening dress depicting…

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