Saudi Arabia: Fighting A Culture Of Illusion

The Muslim Issue

Fighting A Culture Of Illusion: The Long Struggle Of Dr. Turki Al-Hamad

By: Alberto M. Fernandez*

Saudi intellectual Dr. Turki Al-Hamad (Majalla magazine)

To write anything about Saudi Arabia is to invite controversy. The country has been both an incubator and a victim of terrorism for years. It has been a strong American ally on a range of regional and international issues. The Saudi Kingdom’s support of Salafism worldwide for decades – scaled back in recent years – has also promoted an extremely intolerant form of Islam, often at the expense of more local, sometimes more tolerant, forms of that religion in Africa and Asia. A country that produced 15 out of the 19 September 11 bombers and whose texts were used initially by the Islamic State in Raqqa without much revision has a lot to answer for.

And today, the Saudis have become even more controversial. There is…

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