Age of Universe and Brahma as calculated in Vedas

I am following these writings regularly and posting to others.


Vedas say that before the creation of the universe Lord Vishnu was sleeping in the ocean of all causes.
His bed is a giant serpent with thousands of cobra like hoods.
While Vishnu is asleep, a lotus sprouts of his navel (note that navel is symbolized as the root of creation!).
Inside this lotus, Brahma is born.


in the trinity of Creator, Maintainer and Destroyer as mentioned in the Vedas, Lord Vishnu is the maintainer.

Brahma is the creator and Shiva the destroyer.

And each Brahma has a life span of 100 years (in which each Kalpa is half a day, i.e either day or night) and at the end of which even he ceases to exist giving way to his successor- a new Brahma.
The present Brahma is seventh in order as six Brahmas have already passed.

The name of the first Brahma – Virinchi.
The name of…

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