Greece: Police find leaflets and quotes from Koran in Crete calling for conquest of non-Muslim lands

Read the ‘People vs Mohammed’ you will be enlightened.

The Muslim Issue

Look carefully at the statement in the article and it will give readers the primary cause for the ‘Palestinian’ occupation of Israel, the invasion of Syria and it’s infidel ‘false Muslim’ Alawite  leadership, the Islamization of over 45 non-Muslim countries and the reason why they continue to spread this occupation through migration for the purpose of conquest: non-believers should not own any land. That’s the law according to the Koran. If a non-Muslim does indeed own land or have their own country that is not ruled by Sharia, they are ‘waging war against Allah and his followers’ and must be confronted. For this reason, we can see the Jihad taking place in countries like Myanmar , in Africa, in India which lead to the take-over of parts of India (today, known as Pakistan and Bangladesh) and which continues with the conflicts in Kashmir and spread further into the country. That’s…

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