Video: Young American model reveal human slave trafficking and kidnapping of women within America funded by Saudi royalty

The Muslim Issue

With thousands of misogynist and violent Saudi men and sex predators now being allowed to arrive on student visas to the U.S. under Obama’s new rules, safety for young women in colleges and Universities couldn’t have stooped lower. The number of Saudi students in the U.S. in 2013 grew to 44,566, a nearly 30% increase from 2011, largely fueled by a new scholarship funded by the Saudi government.

This young aspiring model in the video reveal how she was approached by a woman pretending to operate a “modeling agency”. The agency did in fact not exist. And the woman was a human trafficking and slavery recruit paid by Saudi royalty looking for sex slaves in America to be brought back to Saudi Arabia.

There has even been witness accounts in early 2000 where Saudi royal family members arrive in private planes and attend parties with models. The unwitting models are then…

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