Sweden: Muslim Refugee Considers Leaving Malmo for ‘More Peaceful’ Somalia

The Muslim Issue

Empty threats giving Swedish people false hopes. He will never leave. No one gives free money to lazy people in Somalia. He’d actually have to work in Somalia to make ends meet and feed himself. There are no white tax payers he can siphon off and play a victim to racism and war.

Swedish police have their hands tied with an inept government that cannot even re-construct the laws to make their job easier, and to make policing more efficient. They continue to use laws and rules established in pre-Muslim and pre-migrant Sweden, when the laws and policing actually worked on the more docile natives as a deterrent.

Translated from Swedish with Bing and Google with minor editing for clarification:



sweden-muslim-refugee-considers-leaving-malmo-for-more-peaceful-somalia“Maybe I will move back,” Mohamed said to state [owned NRK news].

Somalis are contemplating escape back home: “more secure” than in Sweden

Fria Tider
Published 19 September…

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