How Vedic history was deleted by NCERT in school-communist, anti India agenda of congress exposed


Zee news Videos : Villains of Vedic History, Every Leftist Chauvinist Exposed
In year 2005, Leftist chauvinist historians, led by Prof Hari Vasudevan of Calcutta, advised by Neeladri Bhattacharya of JNU, in a teamwork by Jaya Menon, Aligarh Muslim University & Ramchandra Guha conspired to erase entire Vedic era history of India. A work like ISIS and Al-Kayada.

Video Links :


Pls make more and more comments in these vidoes so that leftist chauvinism can be controlled.

In India, we witness a different kind of nexus wherein colonial powers were colluding with chauvinist historians and as directed by Steve Farmer and others from west, who we often beat in academic debates, but through the nexus, they use pet media miscreants to destroy Indian and particularly the Vedic History, their modus operandi is to alienate Indus valley civilization from Vedic culture which is the first urbanization…

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