Hinduism in Ancient Arabia

Mohammed has created monumental havoc and chaos and brought with it his blood lust and savage practices.


Hinduism in Ancient Arabia

Written byRohini Verma 
Hinduism is the most ancient code of ethics that’s been followed in the world, the most ancient Dharma. Hinduism was not only limited to the Indian subcontinent. As a matter of fact, Hinduism has its firm footprints as far away as Europe and Africa.

From time to time various Hindu artefacts are discovered in various parts of the world. Hinduism was there prior to spread of Islam or Christianity and was the way of life in majority of the world. The pre-Islamic Hindu history of the non-Muslim West Asia appears to have begun at least 9,000 years ago and it continued for millennia, at last seeing extermination of its followers after Mohammad started spreading Islam, and with the destruction of the Hindu shrine of Kaaba.

Hinduism and vedic culture in Arabia

Sanskrit name of Arabia:

Prior to the advent of Muhammad, Arabia was centre of…

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