Who pays the bill? Swedish municipality sue over $560,000 medical fees for a single Muslim refugee family

The Muslim Issue

Asylum seekers to Sweden are rarely the victims of persecution. They are the terrorists and the persecutors themselves – Muslims.

Here is a perfect example of the massive costs for any country taking in Muslim immigrants. Muslim immigration is deeply retrograde to the Western economy and tend to be a parasite more than an actual benefit. Immigration in general, but Muslim immigration in particular, is bankrupting Europe. Every single Western country seem to have similar statistics where Muslims remain the most uneducated (willingly so), most unproductive, most violent and costly in crime and prison occupation, most costly in national security requirements, the most diseased and in need of healthcare, and the most prone group in society in need of welfare while persistently unwilling to integrate. While collecting welfare Muslims tend to be engaged in all forms of crimes and illegal non-taxed income activities.

The Cost of Muslim Immigration

—  SSB…

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