Germany: Muslim asylum seekers arrested after plotting Paris-styled carnage

The Muslim Issue

Three Syrian asylum seekers are arrested in Germany after tip-off that ISIS sleeper cells are planning carnage similar to Paris attacks 

  • Suspects came to Germany via Turkey disguised as refugees last year
  • Identified only as Mahir Al-H, 17, Mohamed A, 26 and Ibrahim M, 18
  • They entered the country with fake passports created by ISIS’ forgers
  • Travelled from the Middle East in the same boat as two Paris attackers

Police have arrested three refugees at asylum seekers homes in Germany on suspicion of plotting terror attacks for Islamic State.

Officers of the elite GSG9 anti-terror police swooped on two migrant homes in Lower Saxony and in the far north of Germany in SchleSwig-Holstein bordering Denmark.

Three Syrians identified only as Mahir Al-H aged 17, Mohamed A, 26, and Ibrahim M, 18, were taken into custody along with their…

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