Devout ISIS celebrates Eid with human slaughter houses

Well isn’t it time those moderate Muslims out there did something about rewriting the Korahn? This all condoned in the Korahn

The Muslim Issue

Human slaughterhouses are nothing new from the followers of Islam. The Turks established slaughterhouses for Armenian Christians from 1915-1917 and they refuse to acknowledge, apologize for, pay compensation for or show regret for to this day.

Slaughterhouses for Christians was again established by the Syrian ‘rebels’ and Islamic State when they first invaded and occupied Syria on the directives of Saudi Arabia. Christian blood obtained from these slaughterhouses was so valuable in Saudi Arabia that it was offered at auctions, packed in vials, prices of $100,000 per vial in the superstitious belief that wearing these blood-filled amulettes would give Islam the power to take dominion over Christianity.

We have mentioned many times that President Assad is not the main problem and is not the core cause of the problems in Syria. Al-Assad was elected president by an unopposed ballot on 10 July 2000. Immediately after Assad took office, a reform…

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