Allah’s wrath: Muslims get crushed on 9/11 by Bin Laden cranes inside the Grand Mosque in Mecca

This happened a year ago on 9/11 2015 today 9/11 2016 Muslims celebrate by slaughtering animals if they can’t afford to attend the Hajj!

The Muslim Issue

Right on the anniversary of 9/11 and by cranes installed by Bin Laden’s construction company! Shall we return the honor and distribute sweets and celebrate like the Muslims did on 9/11?

Today a storm killed them off, and in July there was a fire in the seat of Islam in Mecca (see video). The crane fell at about 5.25pm according to a security guard at the Grand Mosque – which translated to 10.25 am New York time, the time the World Trade Center’s North Tower collapsed in 2001.

Funny how nature and fate never works in Muslims favor… They are always the most miserably unfortunate lot in the world, unwanted by the rest of humanity and by their own God. Allah is not pleased. Someone must have worn bikinis or tight pants.

UPDATE: Carnage in Mecca: At least 87 people killed and 185 injured after giant crane ‘operated by Bin…

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