India: Granting divorce rights to women would increase men’s desire to ‘murder or burn his wife alive to get rid of her’ – Muslim Law Board

The Muslim Issue

What is a ‘triple talaq’ referred to in the article?

The Sunni Muslim husband may initiate the divorce process by pronouncing the word talaq, the formula of repudiation, three times. In the ṭalāq divorce, the husband pronounces the phrase “I divorce you” (in Arabic, talaq) to his wife. A man may divorce his wife three times, taking her back after the first two (reconciling). Once a woman re-marries, she loses custody of her children. In some Muslim cultures, the divorce must be completed before the husband can take the wife back, meaning that the divorcee must have sex with another man. This rule caused controversy in Pakistan when a cleric offered to marry a divorcee for sex (nikah, or temporary marriage which is basically a prostitution contract), so her husband could take her back to comply with Islamic sharia.

After pronouncing Talaq either once or twice or thrice, the man…

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