Bangladesh: Hindu priest is decapitated with meat cleaver inside his temple

The Muslim Issue

ISIS? This is normal Bangladesh Islamic racism. Muslims in Bangladesh, who are originally Hindu converts through years of Islamic invasion in India, have reduced the minorities in huge numbers. This is what the Rohingya is trying to commit inside Burma.



ISIS decapitate a HINDU PRIEST inside his temple with a meat cleaver as he prepared for morning prayers in Bangladesh 

  • Jogeswar Roy, 45, was ambushed at his home in the temple before service
  • Jihadis ‘slit his head from the body’ on the veranda, said government chief
  • Two worhsippers were injured including one shot as he tried to save priest 

By Simon Tomlinson for MailOnline
Published: 09:43, 22 February 2016 |

A top Hindu priest was decapitated by ISIS militants inside his temple just before morning prayers in Bangladesh.

Two attackers armed with pistols and cleavers ambushed Jogeswar Roy, 45, the head priest of Sri Sri Sant Gourio…

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