Top French court overturns Burkini ban ‘you can’t tell women what (their husbands demand them) to wear’

The Muslim Issue

All signs of extremism have to be removed to tackle Islamic fascism, and burkini is just one of the domino effects originating from extremist male ownership of women. It’s bizarre that human rights groups are so opposed to these women finally becoming free from human slavery. It’s purely out of habit that they wear these garbs like a long-term prisoner who willingly returns to prison even after release. Society has truly fallen to twisted values of democracy if the general public accepts blatant signs of human slavery as a ‘right’ to exist parallel with human freedom. The entire presence of the burkas, niqabs, burkinis is offensive, obnoxious and intrusive and has nothing whatsoever to do with choice or freedom.



Top French court overturns Burkini ban saying ‘you can’t tell women what to wear’ – but one mayor declares he will ignore the ruling 

  • A French court has decided…

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