Merkel Muslim rapes four-year-old boy at German migrant centre

The Muslim Issue

How many thousands of future victims of rape, murder and assault has Angela Merkel created, not only in Germany but through the Eurozone? She should be charged as an accomplice to all these crimes. She has taken such frivolous regard for other people’s safety, security and future caring only about her own.

He not only raped the four-year-old but he had the complimentary knife on him as well, and he threatened the boys older brother. It’s not enough to wait for these crimes to be committed and then deport them one-by-one in a costly and lengthy process which often can’t even be finalised. They SHOULD NOT be allowed any form of entry into the West the first place.



Afghan asylum seeker, 22, ‘rapes four-year-old boy in toilet cubicle at German migrant centre’

  • Iraqi father of boy, 4, found son with 22-year-old man in a toilet cubicle
  • Afghan asylum…

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