UK: Muslims try to Sharia patrol Romanians – they bring baseball bats and beat the Muslims to a pulp

The Muslim Issue

Muslims were intimidating a group of Romanians during Sharia patrol for drinking beer. That didn’t turn out too well…

Listen to the entertaining feedback in the video we added at the bottom of the page.



One man is taken to hospital after a gang of Romanians storm a barber shop with baseball bats and attack staff after the fed-up owner asked them to stop drinking outside

  • Mohammad Abbas-Khan, 23, said sometimes more than 10 Romanians gather outside his shop in Luton every day
  • They exchanged heated words, pushed each other, then gang of 15 returned armed with sticks and baseball bats
  • One staff member was taken to hospital and neighbour beaten so badly over back he now can not move his arm 
  • Mr Abbas-Khan sometimes works until 11pm and now fears they will return when he is alone and attack again 

By James Dunn For Mailonline
Published: 13:06…

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