Syrian women saved from ISIS burn their Niqabs – called ‘whores’ by supporters

The Muslim Issue

ISIS Fans Single Out Women In Freed Town For Burning Their Niqabs

After two years, the Syrian town is finally free from ISIS and its hardline doctrine.

ISIS supporters are annoyed they can see these women’s faces

By Gilad Shiloach
Aug 15, 2016 at 6:42 AM ET

For supporters of the Islamic State watching the offensive in Manbij that freed the Syrian city from its grip, nothing irked them more than the sight of the once captive female population tearing off and burning their niqabs, the black, head-to-toe covering worn by the most conservative Muslim women. Not the images of men cutting off their mandatory beards, or the victorious fighters (men and women) being welcomed with open arms into the city after two years of life under ISIS.

Users on ISIS forums circulated the images of the disrobing women with declarations that ISIS “should exterminate these whores,” Vocativ has…

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