Corsica: Five people injured, two cars burned as Muslims harpoon man over tourist photos

The Muslim Issue

Again they show they cannot live in a normal civilised society.



Man harpooned in brawl over photo of women in burkinis in Corsica: Fracas between North Africans and local youths a day after French court upheld ban on swimsuits 

  • Clash broke out after tourist took picture of woman near village of Sisco
  • Local teens came to tourist’s aid after bathers objected to photograph
  • Fracas left a pregnant woman needing hospital treatment for her injuries
  • Fight came days after ban on the swimsuits was upheld by Cannes judge

By Alexander Holmes and Sara Smyth for the Daily Mail
Published: 23:22, 14 August 2016

Hatchets and harpoons were thrown in a beach brawl that broke out after a tourist was seen taking pictures of women wearing burkinis in Corsica.

The fracas between a group described as North African ‘Muslim families’ and local youths broke out a day after a ban…

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