Saudi Arabia: A Regime Declining? – Documentary

The Muslim Issue

The West is feeding the hand that terrorises the world with arms contracts, oil contracts, trade contracts, and alliances. Oil revenues are used to commit genocide against non-Muslims all over the world yet this trade continues. Disgusting criminality that must end.

David Cameron alone signed £7bn in arms contracts with Saudi Barbaria while in office. As Hussain al-Bukhaiti, a freelance journalist in Yemen explains, Saudi Arabia is using their poor country to house a terror headquarters and training camps with Sunni fighters brought from around the world who pose a threat to the Shia Houthis (Ansar Allah). These terrorists are not only used to fight Shiites but they are export to spread Wahhabi terror and Sunni dominance elsewhere with Saudi backing. When the Shia Houthis fought against the Saudi-lead terror groups, especially al-Qaeda which has a very strong presence in Yemen, Saudi’s officially announced the Houthis themselves to be terrorists…

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