Egyptian Professor admits that Muslim men lure Asian maid-workers into jobs that end in Islamic sex slavery

The Muslim Issue

Muslims always try to justify their criminality and savagery according to the yardstick of Islam and the life and laws of the prophet. The life of Mohammed is their guiding light. Here in the video below Professor Suad Saleh with the Al-Azhar University teaches even us something new: Many Muslim men bring Asian maid workers to Islamic countries with the understanding that they are allowed to trap and enslave them as sex slaves which they justify under the Islamic Sharia adopted from the Hadith’s.

These poor maid workers have no clue and walk straight into the honey-trap, imagening they are simply being offered employment as away to escape poverty. Instead, their passport is taken on arrival and suddenly their wereabouts are often unknown from then onwards. The promised salary does not materialise as promised and freedom is no longer available to them to get out of the trap. Now we…

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