Polish terror expert: ‘Europe is at the end of its existence. Western Europe is practically dead.’

Merkel is so arrogant and cannot see the damage she has done. Either she steps down or is impeached. Personally I would have her assassinated – she simply will not listen to sense.

The Muslim Issue

Angela Merkel and her EU cronies destroyed Western Europe. Only downhills to go from now.



‘Western Europe is practically dead’: Polish terror experts lash out at the EU and slam Merkel’s response to jihadi attacks

  • Former Central Investigation Bureau officer Jacek Wrona spoke out
  • He slammed the German government’s response to terror attacks 
  • Military historian Dr Rafal Brzeski accused Germany of ‘self-censorship’
  • Wrona said Munich shooter could easily have got a gun 
  • ‘The whole Balkans are flooded with weapons,’ he reasoned
  • There have been five attacks on Germany between July 18 and July 26 

By Sarah Dean For Mailonline
Published: 10:33, 2 August 2016

A former Central Investigation Bureau officer in Poland, Jacek Wrona, slammed the German government's response to terror attacks

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