UK: Labour MP calls for ‘refugee integration strategy’ to reduce Muslim sex attacks

Oh what a silly little girl she is, clearly understands nothing of the Muslim mindset and how does she adhearing to our laws is going to sway these ignorant men from the dream of 72 Virgins in the brothels of Paradise?

The Muslim Issue

Infantile reasoning borderline the absurd. Another fantasist occupying a political seat. Thangam Debbonaire implies that courses on how to treat women will cure 1,400 years of Islamic misogyny. She believes Muslim men will abandon Islamic rights and subjugate to infidel laws and their haram habits. How soon they will discover it to be a waste of time and money.

How exactly will she convince Muslims to listen to the suggestions handed to them by a ‘dirty infidel’ to begin with? A Muslim is not supposed to abide by kafir rules or laws anyways. Their purpose to migrate to multiply and grow Islam on the back and purse of their host. Only the laws laid out in the Koran count. And if the laws in the Koran says it’s perfectly fine to rape, enslave and attack women – in particular infidel women – how does the MP assume these refugees will…

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