UK: Muslim cleric teach Islamic law: ‘Yes, you can take captives and own sex slaves’

Nothing written in the Korahn can be deemed holy, ethical or ethical. Enslaving one’s fellow man and enslaving all women for the purpose of sexual gratification is tantamount to pimping on a massive scale. The by product being hundreds of women being infected by sexually transmitted diseases all of the most virulent.

The Muslim Issue

Why is this a vile sermon? By calling it a vile sermon the media is actually insulting Islam. In addition, by always denying and insulting Islam they create a greater division with the Muslim community.

There is nothing twisted, false or inaccurate in the cleric’s speech. The Muslim cleric is simply educating his congregation about the ideology and laws of Islam which is his duty. He is being a ‘good’ Muslim. This is what a so called moderate Muslim looks like.

If this hate speech ‘radicalise’ Muslims – then why is Islam even allowed in the country?

Saudi Arabia’s religious scholars are the ultimate authority on the verification of Islamic materials that Muslims worldwide read, follow, teach and promote. The Saudis spread their approved doctrines throughout the world. The teachings that cleric Ali Hammuda is propagating has been approved and cleared right from Mecca. In other words, parallel with British…

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