Munich jihad murderer was 18-year-old Iranian Muslim, not ‘right wing extremist’

The Muslim Issue

The media insisted “we must not jump to conclusions” and then jumped to conclusions blaming the German ‘far-right’, Pegida and other innocent Germans to whom jihad is a completely alien celestial reward and who merely oppose to Islamic violence.

But, it was a Muslim after all. This time a Shia Muslim who had lived in Germany only for two years.

The German police have been inept, slow and unprofessional. Completly incapable of managing an attack by a lone 18-year old teen. How will they manage the Middle Eastern grown jihadists? In six hours they couldn’t even establish some form of lead even with witness reports coming forth that he was yelling Allahu-Akhbar. Leaders of civilization have purposely allowed this cancer of humanity to live among us.

One of our readers aptly tweeted: “Western Leftists absolutely heartbroken that #Munich was the work of Islamists and not the ‘right-wing’. They prayed to…

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