Toronto mosque: Chopping off thieves’ hands will decrease crime rate

If you believe this then you believe in taqiyya

The Muslim Issue

Would you trust a Muslim carpet seller? And why not, assuming your response is in the negative? Because they lie, steal and cheat endlessly is always the answer from people. So, obviously the mosque’s guidelines don’t work.

Now why is the reason Muslim are such notorious criminals and liars? Why are other cultures not infested with the same level of crimes, even if they have high crime? Because they don’t have a culture built on the ideals of Islam where they follow an ‘ideal man’ who was barefoot and illiterate, and who sustained himself by robbing carvans, looting, attacking, killing, raping, capturing slaves and terrorising people while occupying their cities by seige. Capital punishments don’t do much in a culture like the Islamic ones although we do congratulate them for keeping their population down by endless executions.

The irony with the mosque statement is that if Sharia was actually implemented…

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