Corp America ruled by Al-Saud: YouTube closes MEMRI’s account – again

The Muslim Issue

MEMRI account closed - YouTube 2016-07-20 01-30-34

Whose side are they REALLY on?

MEMRI’s account has again, for a dozenth time, been closed and block by YouTube. MEMRI is the most important and vital source of information and exposure of Middle Eastern brutality, culture and laws to the Western World. Without MEMRI the world would not be half-blind as it is, but completely blind.

How often will YouTube, and other social media conglomerates, continue working against the fundamental rights of democracy and switch their dedication to a far away brutal foreign medieval government who endlessly exploit and misuse western laws to stifle our freedom by blocking content in print, video or social media that appear in our democratic countries – only to appease and please Sharia?

This is exactly why an independent billionaire like Donald Trump, who is not afraid to confront uncomfortable subjects or end foreign influence, is so desperately needed in politics today, irrespective if…

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