Hezbollah has positioned over 120,000+ missiles in Lebanon pointing at Israel

ISRAEL is ready believe me

The Muslim Issue

This is the reason Iran was so eager to “help” Syria’s president Assad. Now they are basically ocucpying Lebanon, a former Christian nation – the only one left in the entire Middle East – which was ruined by the Palestinian occupation in 1973. Since then the country is covered in Muslims.

Muslims in political positions have also taken in millions of “Syrian refugees” into Lebanon, but Muslims only. Readers can imagine what dire situation there is for the Christians in Lebanon, their own country. Yet we hear nothing of this in the news but we know there must be enormous dangers to them and a lot of unknown attacks on the Christians. Once you have a society filled with Muslims you already lose that country to endless conflicts. And of course, since Assad got pinned to the wall following Obama’s and the Eurocrat’s supplication to the Saudis who instructed them…

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