Sweden: Stickers appear in small town demanding women to wear headscarf or be raped – democracy to be replaced by Islam

The Muslim Issue

It’s clearly Merkel Muslims. Otherwise, the stickers would no be written in English. But the text reveals what we have claimed all the time: the burka is a rape protector, nothing else. And whoever supports the idea that women must ‘have the right’ to wear rape protectors (or as Muslims describes it, “be modest”) or they beg to be raped, is pretty extreme.

The Swedes will laugh at the absurdity, just as the Egyptians laughed in the 1950’s at the suggestion by conservatives that a law must force all women to wear the burka. Today most women indeed are forced to wear the burka ‘to be left in peace or face assault’. Women are still not left in peace but continue being targeted even with the burka. The Swedes should wake up to their delusion and eliminate Muslims from their country. They treat the problems far too lenient and with…

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