France: Muslim terrorist who strew streets with dead children never attended mosque yet aspired for jihad

The Muslim Issue

“A nasty piece of work who never observed the rules of Islam” – well, that makes him an ideal emulator of prophet Mohammed, the perfect man. Jihad is in the blood of Muslims, in the genepool. They don’t need a mosque or to affiliation to any terror organisation to turn into a lone-wolf mujahid for Allah. The call for jihad was deeply rooted in the mind and psyche of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel anyways. That hatred, racism and contempt he had for the infidel is the norm to largest majority of Muslims and they are brought up to hate non-Muslims. This should indicate how dangerous Muslim migration to non-Muslim countries truly is. There is rarely any actual integration into the new culture they move to and since no one can read minds, it’s impossible to spot which one will dedicate themselves to their cause next. The dreamy idolization of Jihad is…

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