UK: Notorious gangland leader converts to Islam in prison to gain special previleges and donations

The religion of crime

The Muslim Issue

Of course, criminals convert to Islam. He has already learned that Islam comes with special rights and advantages no one else got in the UK where Islam is free to expand and take charge, and every human rights loophole now becomes accessible to him. In Islam their crimes become legal and they are the victims of the “evil” infidel who are their prophet’s enemy. In Islam they can rape, they can beat, they can attack, they can loot, they can enslave, they can murder, they can molest children – all under the legal umbrella of Sharia. It’s a no man’s land where hard-core criminals like Lee Amos can thrive and create an empire for himself and remove any opposition he has. Rather than opposition, he will gain fans. It’s an ideal religion for all the murderers, pedophiles, rapists of the world where they are accepted and encouraged as long as…

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