Italy’s celebrity hideaway Lake Como turns into Muslim migrant camp

How stupid is Italy! The Right party of the North needs to get into power, this crap will soon be sent packing.

The Muslim Issue

Absolutely disgusting. Not only are the Europeans ruining their economy and security, but they are destroying the tourist industry which is their main source of income. Daily pigeon feeding does not turn them away but eventually turn into a disease-filled pest. Is it really that hard to grasp that? Tourists don’t want to come to these countries when the garbage of the world is roaming the streets. Only yesterday we read how Italian beaches are full of pests from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, China, Egypt constantly harassing all the sunbathers every two minutes trying to force them to buy some worthless trinkets, and create fights with locals on a daily basis. The towns and cities of Europe will never look the same again, all thanks to Merkel and her sick comrades in the EU.  She really needs to be hanged for treason. But EU has removed treason charges on their own…

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